Digital Guides and Booklets

Guide to Money and Investing Digital versions of financial guides and booklets are relevant, effective, and cost effective.

Branded and customized for your organization, Lightbulb digital guides signal your company's commitment to providing high quality financial education in a mobile format, preferred by many audiences.

All Lightbulb print guides are available as flipbooks or ePub versions for iPad, Nook, and Kindle.

Education Marketing

iPad You can e-mail Lightbulb digital guides to clients or use them on a website to complement existing content or to serve as a stand-alone digital library. The guides also work in lead-generation programs both as sponsored downloads as a fulfillment premium.

Subscriptions and Packages

Lightbulb digital guides and content are available in a variety of flexible, choose-your-format packages and can be customized for branding, marketing, and specific business strategies. All digital versions are available for delivery "as is" or incorporating interactive links to an organization's websites and other digital assets.

We'd be pleased to work with you to create a package that will accommodate your marketing and business development programs and your available budget.

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