Financial Institutions

Lightbulb works with major financial services firms, regional brokerages, trade associations, foundations and other non-profits in developing and providing a wide range of financial literacy and investor education programs and materials.

Lightbulb guides and financial content can be customized to meet your company’s specific business and marketing objectives. We can also tailor the editorial and design style for specific market demographics, including students, millennials, and those nearing or in retirement. We also work closely with compliance and branding departments to ensure that the materials meet all legal, operational, and identity requirements.

Lightbulb products for financial organizations include:

  • Co-branded and custom-created, private-label guides
  • Branded content for mobile devices
  • Marketing materials with an educational focus
  • Articles and blogs
  • Training presentations and workshops
  • Website development and site enhancements
  • Courseware
  • White papers
  • Simplified corporate communications

Lightbulb also provides comprehensive services to organizations planning to develop or expand a financial education program or financial literacy initiative.