Marketing Communications

Guide to Alternative Investments Brochure Lightbulb develops marketing and informational brochures and collaterals that describe financial products, services, and policies in plain English from a consumer perspective while adhering to legal and compliance requirements.

The design of the collaterals can be similar to the standard Lightbulb graphic style, a modified, more corporate version of that style, or a style that adheres to corporate branding and visual identity guidelines and editorial style. The materials can be made available as printed pieces as well as e-publications.

Lightbulb can also arrange for the printing and drop-shipping of the materials as part of the overall development process.

Typically Lightbulb creates these materials on a work-for-hire basis and they become the property of the sponsoring organization.

  • Booklet series for HSBC
  • Smart Borrowing Guide for Lending Tree
  • Guides to InDesign for Adobe
  • Investor Suitability Pamphlet for M&W

White Papers and Informational Pieces

Lightbulb writes white papers, position papers, articles, and other educational financial pieces on topics of current interest to organizations and their constituents, including internal audiences, member firms, regulatory agencies, and the media.

Written in plain English, these documents help to explain and clarify in a cogent way new laws and regulations, industry or institutional perspectives on a particular issue, or complex financial products that are not well understood.

Examples of white papers we’ve developed include:

  • An overview of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010
  • A series of abstracts on current research on retirement preparedness and pensions
  • Monthly articles on personal finance, women in investing, and retirement