Digital & Mobile Media

Lightbulb Press Guides on iPad Lightbulb content is ideally suited for companies who want to leverage digital media — including iPads, the iPhone, e-books, and other handheld devices — to reach specific markets and explore innovative ways of attracting and maintaining customers.

Organizations can co-brand and customize Lightbulb guides as an iTunes application or iPad book to increase recognition of their financial literacy initiatives, generate leads, or drive potential clients to specific Web pages. We also provide specially formatted versions of our guides as special applications for the Kindle and other e-readers.

Download the Lightbulb Press Titles on iTunes

Social Media

For companies interested in framing and implementing social media strategies, Lightbulb can provide content that is packaged specifically for the social media forums that are most pertinent and effective for an organization's target audiences or business objective.

We also provide guidance on integrating social media elements into the websites that we develop and enhance, as well as into other educational marketing outreach campaigns.