Email Marketing

Lightbulb content is ideally suited for educational emails that stimulate client interest. Educational emails help you build and maintain a sustained marketing presence, as well as assess client interests.

Quick Bytes

Quick Byte Quick Bytes deliver targeted, timely information on specific financial topics. Either posted on your website or sent as an email, a Quick Byte is a branded, short e-book that provides digestible nuggets of financial information. Each Quick Byte pairs objective, educational content with links to your website, including product-specific pages, and includes your contact information and an embedded call to action.

The call to action in each Quick Byte makes it easy for clients or prospects to contact a financial representative, request additional information on a specific topic, or indicate interest in receiving additional mailings. By monitoring client response, financial services firms and independent advisers can gauge the level of interest in a particular product or service.

Branded PDFs

Branded PDF Branded PDFs deliver educational information on one key financial topic, such as an investment or retirement product, or a concept like diversification.

The PDF pairs clear, objective educational information with a customizable panel that can include a logo, contact information, marketing messages, and links to specific pages on your website.

The PDFs can be sent out as part of an email campaign or on an individual basis, and can be printed and used as leave-behinds at seminars, conferences, and in client meetings.