Financial Services Marketing

Lightbulb combines subject matter expertise in educational financial content with graphic design, information technology and a plain English writing style to create distinctive marketing communications and collaterals that clearly convey a company’s branding and point of view.

What sets our financial marketing services apart is our ability to clarify even the most complex and perplexing topics for consumers and businesses and to optimize text and graphics for different formats and devices. We also believe that using education to build consumer confidence and comfort is the basis for an effective marketing campaign.

We create a wide range of printed pieces for specific campaigns, occasions, and events, including product and service literature, commemorative booklets, and informational brochures. We also develop integrated marketing communications programs that ensure consistency of editorial and visual style across print, Web, and digital media.

Work-for-Hire Services

While many companies choose to co-brand Lightbulb guides, booklets, and financial content to benefit from the endorsement of an independent third party, others prefer to own the work product outright. In these cases, Lightbulb develops publications, articles, and interactive content on an exclusive, work-for-hire basis, either by incorporating the Lightbulb editorial and design style or by adhering to a company’s branding and visual identity guidelines.

Resources for Institutions
Lightbulb works with major financial services firms, regional brokerages, foundations and other non-profits, and trade associations in developing and providing a wide range of financial literacy and investor education programs and materials.

We customize our guides and financial content to meet a company's specific business and marketing objectives. We also tailor the editorial and design style to appeal to a specific market demographic, from kids and young adults to those nearing or in retirement, while adhering to branding, legal, and compliance requirements.

Our products especially suited to institutions include:

  • Co-branded and custom-created, private-label guides
  • Website development and site enhancements
  • Web articles and interactive learning applications
  • PowerPoint presentations and seminar materials
  • Branded guides and content for digital media
  • White papers
  • Marketing materials with an educational focus
  • Plain english corporate communications

Lightbulb also consults with organizations that are planning to develop or sponsor a financial education program or are exploring ways to enhance or revitalize their current websites, marketing collaterals, and business development communications.

Resources for Advisers
Advisers use Lightbulb booklets to educate their clients about specific financial products, build trust and confidence, and provide a common framework for discussing planning and investment strategies.

As consumers turn to independent advisers for financial help and guidance, Lightbulb educational financial content provides an immediate and engaging way for advisers to reach out to their clients, reinforce existing relationships, and market and build their business.

Advisers can personalize Lightbulb booklets with their logo, name and contact information, and photo and order the booklets online. The booklets are FINRA reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Personalized booklets