White Papers

Lightbulb works with industry, trade, and regulatory organizations to create white papers on a range of financial topics.

Our subject experts and editors combine comprehensive research and client-specific information with an emphasis on clarity and readability.

White papers developed by Lightbulb:

  • Enable professionals to increase their knowledge of a financial product, concept, or
  • Assist financial professionals and firms in helping clients understand a product and
    its suitability for their portfolio and life stage
  • Clarify difficult or complex information and explain its significance for intended
  • Affirm and exemplify an organization's commitment to address regulatory
    concerns about product information and associated investor risks
  • Establish the sponsor of the white paper as the thought leader in a specific market

We also collaborate with organizations and law firms to organize and edit white paper text to make the information more accessible, understandable, and actionable by financial professionals and other targeted readers.

See a sample of our work:
Regulation of Alternative Investments, developed for the Investment Program Association.