Lightbulb guides are widely recognized and trusted as premier financial education books, popular for their blend of clear language and informative graphics. The guides cover a broad range of personal finance and investing topics, from money management to retirement and estate planning. We also create guides on specific products, such as ETFs, college savings plans, and annuities, as well as for specific audiences, including women investors, students, and the military.

All of the guides are available in digital and mobile formats, as well as in print.



Financial services firms, as well as financial advisers, planners, and other professionals use Lightbulb guides and booklets to educate their employees and customers, market their services, and support financial literacy and other advocacy programs.

Lightbulb guides resonate with consumers, build credibility and positive brand awareness for organizations, and help maintain top-of-mind awareness for ongoing and future customer contacts.



Lightbulb guides and booklets are periodically reviewed by FINRA and, where appropriate, by state regulatory authorities. We can also work directly with your organization’s compliance department.