Online Learning

Lightbulb creates custom online learning websites, modules, and interactive features that range from financial education sites for kids to courseware on trading sophisticated investments products like options for financial professionals and advanced investors.



Lightbulb collaborates with financial services firms, regulatory agencies, and non-profits supporting financial literacy and investor education to create courseware for consumers and professionals.

The courseware may be based solely on Lightbulb educational financial content or a blend of Lightbulb content and material provided by the sponsoring organization, and typically includes self-assessments, visual learning systems, and interactive features that enrich the learning experience.

The courseware may be linked to an online learning center or be part of a series of courses that offer a designation in a specific financial product or area of financial expertise. Companies may also license Lightbulb content to build their own courseware or continuing education (CE) credits.


Lightbulb develops self-assessments and quizzes to help customers, students, and clients gauge their understanding of financial topics and provide instant feedback on the learning experience.

The quizzes use a multiple choice format and provide a clear, explanation of the correct choice. Answers can be linked directly to appropriate site content to encourage further learning. 

They are created on a custom basis to accompany workshops, training courses, and our guides and booklets.