Professional Training

Lightbulb offers off-the-shelf presentations and accompanying speaker’s scripts, creates white-label workshop materials and presentations, and custom financial courseware.

Whether for financial professional becoming conversant with a new product, offering, or regulation, or for support staff that work in the financial industry, Lightbulb’s training materials are tailored to a specific topic and audience.

Major financial services firms, associations of financial professionals, and independent financial advisers use Lightbulb presentations to:

  • initiate new business at special invitation events
  • provide financial education in the workplace to support employer benefits programs
  • explain new products or services at conferences and tradeshows
  • support public affairs initiatives in community outreach programs
  • train other professionals on new or complex financial topics

Lightbulb works with compliance and legal departments to ensure that the text on the slides and speaker's notes meet all regulatory requirements.


White Papers

Lightbulb writes white papers, position papers, articles, and other educational financial pieces on topics of current interest to organizations and their constituents, including internal audiences, member firms, regulatory agencies, and the media. These documents help to explain and clarify in a cogent way new laws and regulations, industry or institutional perspectives on a particular issue, or complex financial products that are not well understood.